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       America is often commented on during the novel, and mostly in pejorative terms. In the same way that 'the city' is the 'anti-nature', America is the 'anti-Canada'. In other words, Canada is a peace-loving space with an affinity for nature and encouraging of personal spiritual development; America is consumer-driven, colonising and, in total, a threat to the milder Canadian way of living. Such is the view of the Narrator, the group, and possibly the whole text.

       Unpacking Some Examples:



1. Introduction
       To the students
2. The Techniques
       Narrative Position
       Narrative Structure
       Parataxis as Metaphor
3. The Tensions
       [Spiritual] Journey
       Language as theme
       Garden vs. Wilderness
4. Chapter Discussions
       Chapter One
       Chapter Two
       Chapter Three
       Chapter Four
5. The Other Characters

6. Wider Reading
       Academic books

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